Board of Directors,

Success will never make us so aloof that we forget our manners and fail to extend a welcome. After all, your property allows me the opportunity to add another level of business relationship to our collection. Mulch Rite has been a leading source for landscape and turf care service in the Columbus area for years. Our latest statement of operations and credentials, which are enclosed, provides an excellent overview of who and what we are. There's much more to the Mulch Rite's story. I could go on for hours listing the numerous ways in which we maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. For now, let's say I would like the opportunity to prove to you what we have proved to others about our company.

Please take a few minutes to examine this information about our company and its offerings. Once you do, I am confident that we will be welcoming you into much more than our prospective client list. We will be welcoming you into a family of customers who have found the right source for all their landscape and turf care requirements.

Mulch Rite can provide your property with all the turf care, lawn maintenance, and landscape services you require. We have the experience and dedication to make it happen on time with excellent results. Our management skills and work ethics are second to none.

Mulch Rite
Sincerely yours,
Gary Teach

Mulch Rite Business Information:
Working in the Columbus , OH area with more than 15 years of experience we've earned our status in the community. Consumers have nominated us to Angie's List for superior service, customer satisfaction, and great prices. Our specialties range from commercial turf care to residential landscaping and lawn aeration. Our focus is on commercial full service turf care, landscape maintenance and residential landscape design & implementation. We have a full time staff including office personnel to assist in receiving your calls, answering questions, and solving scheduling conflicts. We have wholesale buying power from our vendors to save our customers money. Mulch Rite has a valid vendors license and a Certified Nursery Stock Dealer's Certificate in the state of Ohio . We are fully insured and all our employees are covered by the BWC.

Mulch Rite Credentials:
We've been nominated by consumers to Angie's List for superior service, customer satisfaction, and great prices. (Angie's List is a consumer-driven organization that collects customer satisfaction ratings on local service companies in more than 250 categories. Companies cannot pay to be rated, nor can they put themselves on Angie's List. Homeowners support Angie's List to keep it independent and pure. So when you need service, you can check the list to find out who's great and who's not.)

Mulch Rite is also and Certified member of ImproveNet. ImproveNet is a free service for homeowners looking for home improvement professionals to complete their remodeling projects. When you submit a home improvement project request to Improve Net, they identify the most reliable home improvement pros in your area and match them to your project needs. They objectively screen all applicants to meet their rigorous standards. To be Improve Net-certified, contractors must prove that they have clean legal and credit records and carry liability insurance. How many pros meet ImproveNet's rigorous standards? Surprisingly few. Nearly half of all contractors in America fail to meet the most basic screening standards because they have a history of legal and credit problems or because their business is too new to have a reliable track record.

Because of our excellent rate of satisfaction and devotion to our work Much Rite has never had a legal case or judgment against us. We stand behind our work and provide nothing but the best support for our service.

Operator Credentials:
Gary Teach (founder) holds a 4 year Bachelors Degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design. (BFA, CCAD) He combines his knowledge and experience of landscaping with his impeccable talent and love for design to create functional masterpieces in his work. He has an excellent thought process and incorporates all aspects of the project into the finished concept. He is also responsible for the design of the Mulch Rite and Lawn web site as well as many others including Fortune 500 clients. He has worked in the Landscape industry for more than 15 years and the design industry for 8 years! Starting his first full scale lawn care business in Troy Ohio in 1988. He managed multiple crews and operated within a fast-pasted business environment holding a client base of 80+ residential and commercial mowing and turf care customers. At that time his primary focus was mowing and secondly landscape. He now attends local trade shows and conferences to keep his knowledge on the cutting edge of design and implementation. He works on site daily and puts his skills to the test.

Company Operation:
Our daily operations are comprised of hands on service and close supervision of company instated policy. Gary Teach, the owner / operator of Mulch Rite is on site of nearly every job each day. He works closely with his staff and supervises the workflow and quality of the final project. His staff is trained to complete the task to the highest quality and Gary accepts nothing less. When we work multiple crews there is a team leader assigned to each crew who answers directly to the owner. The crew leader is equipped with a company cell phone so constant contact is available. The owner and supervisors perform routine checks for quality and progress. The scheduling, order processing and billing are completed through our office personnel who are available full time during business hours. We communicate regularly by phone, e-mail, web site, fax and postal mail so getting in contact with us is never a problem.

Bid Process:
To create the most competitive "apples to apples" bid, we closely examine your individual needs. We study your current or past contract to see how we can save you money and offer better service for you specifically. We realize that every customer has a budget and we can always propose a solution to work within the numbers you need. Mulch Rite bids are always a better price to service value because we include what you need at the best possible price for a quality result.

Here is some of the information we will need to price out your bid accurately.

1. Your budget and your past expenses related to landscape maintenance

2. Your past contract or another bid so we can present an "apples to apples" bid

3. Your billing preferences and payment terms

4. Your tax status

5. Plot maps and acreage measurements

6. The number of subscribers of the "second tier service plan"

7. What your needs and expectations are

If you have not already provided the information above, please send it or contact us so that we may submit the best bid for your landscape and turf care requirements. We'll keep any information you provide strictly confidential and use it only as a basis to complete an accurate bid or contract for service. This is time sensitive because of the quickly approaching season so we will be sure to act promptly once we receive enough information to complete your bid.

Thank you for your consideration.
Gary Teach,
Founder & Designer, BFA, CCAD
Phone: 614-893-5049
Fax: 740-857-0211
Web - or

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