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Broadcast Overseeding with our Premium seed immediately following aeration will help to thicken your lawn.
*The price for over-seeding is Typically $59.99 (Seeding Larger lots beyond 7000 sq. ft. lot size) are charged $8 per 1000 sq. ft. In addition to the base price. We will apply seed that adapts and blends well with your existing turf. Other specific seed may be available at an additional cost. Please ask when scheduling if you prefer a specific seed variety.)

Highly recommended (add on) will help the effectiveness of your SEEDING. It will help with germination and promote establishment of new grass more quickly. The price for a starter application is $49.99. * Larger lots (beyond 7000 sq. ft. lot size) are charged $7 per 1000 sq. ft. In addition to the coupon price.

Not doing any seeding but want to have fert applied just following your aeration service? Have us do your fall feeding at the same time! Only $39.99 * Larger lots (beyond 7000 sq. ft. lot size) are charged $4 per 1000 sq. ft. In addition to the coupon price.

Please schedule Slice Seeding FOR MY LAWN ALSO!
SLICE SEEDING (also referred to as slit seeding) is the best way to renovate, replace, or repair your lawn. Our top of the line seeder will make slices in your lawn 1” apart while planting seed. This system yields the best germination and overall success rates of any seeding process. We can slice your entire lawn or only the weak spots. Our pricing is the lowest in the industry at $85 per thousand Square Foot!* Additional slice seeding (beyond 10,000) are charged $75 per 1000 sqft.
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*Larger lots (beyond our standard 7000 sq. ft lot size) add $3 per 1000 sq. ft to the coupon price for aeration Mulch Rite will not be responsible for damage to any buried item that is not marked accurately before we arrive for service.

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