Scheduling makes it easy for you to get what you want quickly and accurately at

STEP 1: Fill out the schedule form for the service you are interested in and click on the "schedule now" button. You can get to this form by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page or on the main "order" page.

STEP 2: You will receive an automated reply.

STEP 3: Within 48 hours (usually faster) you will receive a response containing the price, schedule date, and other details about your service. It will look like this and will have your specific information at the bottom so you can check it's accuracy.

Thank you for scheduling a service through

Below is the information we've received from you. If any of this is incorrect please let us know so we may revise our schedule. We will collect for the service upon completion of the task. The date and price is based on the information below that we received from you.


We will complete the project sometime during the "scheduled date for service" listed above. Because of our demanding schedule we cannot give an exact time when we will arrive. If you would like an approximate time of arrival you may call us at (614)893-5049 the morning of the service date. The process of lawn aeration is highly dependent on the softness of the soil. We recommend watering your lawn the night before you are scheduled for service if it has been very dry. This will ensure the best penetration possible.

Note*We collect upon completion. If it is difficult for you to be home or if you have to leave home during the day service is scheduled we request that you place your cash or check in an envelope and place the envelope under your front door mat. If you would like to pay by credit card or make other arrangements for payment please call us at (614)893-5049. We will not complete the service without payment.

If you have any buried items that we should be aware of (electric fencing, underground dog fence, sprinkler system, landscape lighting, shallow cables etc.) we expect them to be marked before our arrival. If you have indicated that there is a buried obstruction we expect it to be marked with paint, flags, or a suitable item. The service will not be perform if you have indicated an buried obstruction and it is not marked.

If you have not indicated a buried item or other obstruction. We will complete the service as scheduled. However we will not take responsibility for damages to any obstruction not clearly marked.

STEP 4: We arrive to complete the scheduled service or delivery and collect payment then.