Mulch Rite can repair and install any brand of underground dog fence. We recommend the Petsafe Radio Fence® Because of the 10 year factory warranty and ease of it's use. The systems range in price from $150 to $350 depending on your preference and pet needs. Installation price is typically around $400-$500.
The typical suburban home installation with system
from Mulch Rite costs about $600. Other companies try to charge up to $1500 for a similar service and product.

When we're finished you can hardly tell we were there! There's no ugly trench or dirty mess for your dog to track back in to the house. Our highly specialized equipment neatly cuts back sod and allows for perfect replacement after the wire installation.

How Radio Fence Works
The Transmitter plugs into a standard outlet and emits a radio signal that travels along an underground wire. You can adjust the signal to up to 15 feet from the wire. In most cases, a 4-6 foot signal field will be the best for optimal training. The lightweight receiver worn on your pet's collar picks up the radio signal and alerts him as he nears the underground boundary that you have customized for your yard. When he approaches the boundary, he receives a warning beep. If your dog does not return, he receives a static correction which is startling but not harmful. Our maintenance free design and ease of installation offers tremendous savings compared to conventional fencing and other systems of this type.

Radio Fence® makes it easy to train your pet. By spending just 15 minutes a day working with your pet, he can be fully trained in a few days. You can train as many dogs as you want on the same system, as long as they are each wearing a receiver collar. Additional receivers are available if your have more than one dog.

Radio Fence® offers the flexibility you need to solve your installation needs. You can protect your flower and seedbeds, shrubs, trees and even swimming pools. " How Radio Fence works" information above is provided courtesy of petsafe. You can reach they're web site at

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